Slow Living in a Pressure Filled Society (Crockpot vs. Pressure Cooker Lifestyle)

It’s really hard in today’s day and hustle culture to not feel the pressure to Do More! Achieve More! and Be More! Join NYT best-selling author and Slow Living expert Stephanie O’Dea as she shares how you can actually fulfill all of your goals, wishes, and dreams by simply Slowing Down.


In 2008, Stephanie O’Dea made a New Year’s resolution to use her crockpot slow cooker every day for a year and write about it online. This simple idea led to 10 books, 6 weeks on the New York Times list, and multiple television appearances — including The Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America. Due to a family allergy, all of the recipes in her cookbooks and on her website are completely gluten-free. E-Mail: steph@stephanieodea.comWebsite:


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