Step in to the Virtual Show World - with Our Help

Going virtual can be daunting – for organizers, exhibitors, speakers and attendees. Showmetry support covers it all, so organizers can focus on creating the best possible online experience for their shows. 

Organizer Support

Our team will help organizers configure the show, onboard exhibitors, create presentation guides, customize the platform, and provide ongoing reports.

Speaker Support

We conduct AV support and testing of speakers’ network and equipment, so they are ready to go on the day of the show. 

Exhibitor Support

Set up exhibitor booths, upload their products, pricing and spec sheets, add their personnel for show days, set up livestreams, and collect data on attendees.

Attendee Support

Support attendees through the registration and sign-in process, ensure network and device compatibility, monitor tech support issues on show days. 

Sales Support

Provide templates to organizers to create collateral and supporting documentation to enable them to sell the show to exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. 

Financial Support

Show organizers are struggling due to the pandemic. We know – we have lived through it ourselves. We can work out creative payment schedules to help mitigate the investment for you.

Standout Tech Support

Platform Customizations

We have a nimble platform, and we are always available to add must-have features for individual show organizers. Tell us what you need and we can build it for you.

SEO Support

Ensure that your show and exhibitors get the most bang for the buck with search engines and on social media. Our team has set it up to optimize your reach. 

Network, Device Support

Support for exhibitors, speakers and attendees – network, devices and browsers. We make sure things run smoothly before and during the event.

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