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Showmetry was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, when we needed a platform to run our own shows, and couldn’t find one that fit. The options were dated, clunky and built on old unscalable infrastructure. And very very expensive.

We needed a hybrid event platform that’s easy to set up, enjoyable to use, simple to scale, and doesn’t break the bank. So we built one.

Our goal isn’t to replace the on-site experience. It’s to build in the resilience, versatility and capability you need to achieve your goals, add value, and stay in budget – no matter what the future brings.

We understand the breakneck pace and high-stakes decisions you’re facing. That’s why we made sure our platform would roll out faster, offer more, and cost less than anything else available today.

The Founders


Jen Cafferty

Founder, CEO

As Founder and CEO of Showmetry, Jen Cafferty is a nationally recognized expert on connecting companies and people. Prior to Showmetry, Jen was a pioneer in specialty diet marketing. She transformed the industry through her consumer sampling shows and digital platforms. As the world continues to change, Jen is sought out for her thought-leadership on how people and companies can continue to connect through virtual and hybrid models. On a personal level, Jen resides outside of Chicago with her family and their 2 dogs.

Debarshi Chaudhury

Founder, CIO/CTO

Debarshi is the founder and CEO of Quantilus Innovation Inc. and has over 17 years of experience building systems, processes and companies. He is continually excited by all kinds of technology and innovation, and especially the application of emerging technologies to solve real-world problems that currently impact our lives. He lives and works in New York City with his wife, three children and feisty dog.

Anthony Ramirez

Founder, COO

Anthony is a 15 year veteran of the tradeshow industry and a native Chicagoan. Anthony entered the industry right out of high school and quickly moved up the ladder of his former employer. Having spent his early days on a post, as a supervisor, scheduler, and ultimately as the Vice President of Operations, he fully understands the importance of each role in the day to day operations of a tradeshow organizer. In the short time that his company has been in business, it has experienced rapid growth and unending curiosity regarding its approach to customer service.

Speak With One Of Our Founders

We know you have questions, and stepping into the world of virtual shows can be intimidating. Our founders are always available for a conversation – no commitments needed.

Talk to Jen – about the ROI of virtual shows, bringing in sponsors, exhibitors; and marketing to attendees.

Chat with Debarshi – about everything technology related to Showmetry.

Speak with Anthony – about the logistics and processes of setting up your own virtual show.

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