Host Global B2B and B2C tradeshows, conferences and events. Scale up to hundreds of speakers, thousands of exhibitors, and millions of attendees – without breaking the bank.

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Full-Service Virtual and Hybrid Shows

Need to take your show virtual or hybrid and are overwhelmed by the tech? We will set up your show, your exhibitor booths and your speaker sessions. Leaving you free to sell your show!

Booth eCommerce

Exhibitors can display their products; talk to potential customers/vendors; offer discounts, coupons, and giveaways; and sell directly from the platform. 

Exhibitor Livestreams

Exhibitors can stream from their physical (or virtual) booth, and from multiple locations. Showmetry lets them bring their booths to the home of the customer. 

Speaker Sessions

Showmetry supports unlimited Keynote sessions and speaker/presentation sessions, with unlimited viewers! CEU’s too! Never limit your audience. 

Attendee Networking

Allow your attendees to search for, connect with, and directly chat with other attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Hold networking sessions to bring people together face-to-face.


Quizzes, surveys and more – keep your attendees engaged, and give your exhibitors tools to attract them. Award points and prizes for activities in the show. 

Scalable to Millions

Virtual shows should have no geographical boundaries, and give organizers the opportunity to attract millions. We built Showmetry to support exactly that model with no fee for additional attendees.

And Tons More Features

Boost Your Show ROI

Virtual Shows provide tremendous monetization opportunities for organizers. Once you remove the limitations of physical space, geography and time, the possibilities explode. Showmetry provides a platform for you to sell Booths, Sponsorships, Tickets, Ads, and much much more. 

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More Exhibitor Booths

Connect, Display, Sell

Showmetry provides a unique platform for B2B connections, and B2C product display and sales. Exhibitors can offer coupons, giveaways, and more. They can even give demos from their booth.

Average Attendees
Average Exhibitor Booths

Absolutely the Best Support

Virtual shows are new for everyone. We know and appreciate that  because we are show organizers ourselves. From setting up the show, working with exhibitors to set up their booths, producing marketing materials to sell to your exhibitors, setting up speakers with the right technology, and supporting attendees on show days – our team goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth experience. 

Speaker Sessions, Networking Sessions, and More

Keynote speeches with millions of attendees, training sessions with thousands, or networking sessions with hundreds – Showmetry supports it all. 


Data, Analytics, and More Data

Virtual events provide an opportunity to collect more data about your customers and partners than ever. Target your offerings, source prospects, and personalize your messaging based on real actionable data.

Our Customers


“I have seen many different virtual platforms and I am incredibly impressed with what you have created.”

“Showmetry is a fun, innovative, and user-friendly platform.  I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to take their show to the next level.”
Lynn Cramer
Denver Golf Expo

“Your platform should be used as a benchmark for all other virtual event platforms. The levels of involvement, attention to detail, and exposure of brands, and products make it understandable and easy to navigate by both consumers and trade.”

The Run-a-Ton Group

Recent B2C and B2B Shows

B2C Lifestyle Expos

The Nourished Festival had over 275 exhibitors, 50 speakers and over 175,000 visitors. Exhibitors offered coupons and giveaways and attended live chats.

B2C Hobby Expos

The Denver Golf Expo offered pro shops, trainers and golf manufacturers direct access to customers. Live classes were offered through the PGA. We even had Jack Nicklaus on live!

Seminars & Networking

Intimate, internal seminar and networking sessions organized by a major international bank – highlighting annual accomplishments.

B2B Industry Trade Shows

OAN Nursery Guide Live brought together hundreds of industry exhibitors in the northwest, with keynotes, e-commerce, and networking.

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