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Virtual Trade Show Platform Pricing

     When researching virtual event platforms, one of the most annoying things for show organizers is not being able to get an accurate price for their show. If you are running your first show online, it is hard to know how many attendees will attend. It is also difficult to...

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Technical Checklist of a Successful Virtual Show

Virtual shows and events have become standard across many organizations worldwide, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Not only are virtual events extremely cost-effective, but they are also location-flexible, thus attracting a larger audience base. By taking an event to the internet, you can increase its attendance exponentially, build brand...

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Musts For All Virtual Exhibitor Booths

There are hundreds of virtual trade show platforms available today and each offers a host of options available to showcase their trade show booths. To ensure your exhibitors and attendees have the best experience, here are a few booth features that will be necessary for your upcoming virtual event. Enhanced...

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Considerations for Your First Hybrid Event

After nearly a year and a half of in-person shows being canceled and postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is finally starting to see in-person events slowly return. However, the transition to a straight-up live, in-person event may not be in the cards just yet, giving rise...

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