Musts For All Virtual Exhibitor Booths

There are hundreds of virtual trade show platforms available today and each offers a host of options available to showcase their trade show booths. To ensure your exhibitors and attendees have the best experience, here are a few booth features that will be necessary for your upcoming virtual event.

Enhanced Product Listings
It is vital that your show offers enhanced product listings and not just an image or a sentence. Just as at a live trade show, attendees want to receive as much information as possible about the exhibitor’s products and services. Images, downloadable literature, expanded descriptions, videos, and links to external pages are all important features. 

Discounts and Promotions
Everyone is always looking for a show special and it is no different on an online show.  If your trade show exhibitors offer show specials at a live show, you need to make sure that they are able to do so online, in an easy-to-use manner. 

Connection with Attendees
We are all craving interaction and our online trade shows must allow for that attendee/exhibitor to occur in a seamless manner. 

Easy To Build Booths
To keep your exhibitors happy, their booths must be full of features but also easy to build.  It is daunting to many exhibitors to build an online booth and easy to upload and understand features are essential to the exhibitor process.

Booth Analytics
Exhibitors want information about the people that visited their booth. Your virtual trade show platform should allow exhibitors to easily access their booth analytics and download them for future use.

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