Title Sponsor Checklist

Thank you for sponsoring the Online Gluten-Free Expo! We could not put these shows on without all of our sponsors. Our online shows allow your brand to connect with consumers through virtual booth space and offer promotions, giveaways, educational sessions and more.

The live portion of the show will last 2-days and your exhibitor booth will remain online and promoted for 1-month.

It is VERY important to read through this page and follow all instructions to make sure you have a very successful Expo.

Your To Do List:

  • Complete the correct Booth Intake Form
  • Blogger Meet & Greet – we are hosting 2 sessions for you to meet with over 25 Bloggers/Influencers
  • Dedicated Email Campaign
  • As a Title Sponsor you receive a dedicated campaign to our list of 25,000 GF subscribers
  • Email tina@nourished.group to put your date on hold
  • As the date nears you will work directly with Tina to create your campaign
  • Sponsor and/or Host a presentation
  • If you would like to host a presentation fill out THIS FORM as soon as possible
  • Deadline: Spring GF Expo April 13, 2022
  • Deadline: Fall GF Expo September 15, 2022
  • If you are not presenting and would like to Sponsor a class please reach out to michelleb@showmetry.com to discuss your options
  • Deadline: Spring GF Expo April 18, 2022
  • Deadline: Fall GF Expo September 19, 2022
  • Creating Your Giveaway
  • You are allotted 7 giveaways to the attendees
  • You are welcome to do 7 separate giveaways or you can run your giveaway(s) multiple times. For example: Host 2 giveaways and 1 get 4 popups and the other receives 3.
  • Attendee Survey Questions
  • Surveys are a fantastic way for your brand to collect valuable information from attendees. Many brands use this as a focus group to find out about new flavors for products, where consumers shop etc.
  • You are allotted 6 survey questions
  • These questions must be a Yes/No, True/False or they can choose ONE option from multiple answers. For example: What flavor cookie would you like to see? Answers: Double Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Vanilla or Peanut Butter.
  • Click here to enter your questions
  • Deadline: Spring GF Expo May 1, 2022
  • Deadline: Fall GF Expo October 1, 2022
  • In-booth Class Sessions and Videos
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • The brands that get the highest ROI at the Online Expos offer a GREAT discount
  • We recommend 20% off or BOGO. Free Shipping is also a plus!
  • Marketing The Event

Questions or Concerns? Reach out to us directly.

Michelle Baran
Director of Operations

Tina Ferruolo
Director of Sales

Payment is due in full by April 13, 2022 for the Spring Expo and September 15, 2022 for the Fall GF Expo

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