Live or Pre-Recorded

Sessions can be presented live or be pre-recorded.

Presenter Live Chats

Poster presenters have the ability to talk or chat with viewers during their session.

After Session Communication

Viewers can request more information or a conversation after the presentation has concluded.


Poster abstracts and poster images can be viewed on the site or downloaded.

Exhibitor Displays, Virtual Booths and Chats

Livestream from a physical booth

Exhibitors can stream from their booths at a show (or at home)

Video chat with virtual attendees

Attendees can chat with exhibitor personnel, or with each other, when they go into a virtual booth

Product displays and demos

Link videos, images, downloadable spec sheets of products. Demonstrate products on livestream

Booth speaker and networking sessions

Invite speakers to speak in your booth, or set up a networking event in your booth

Full decorative control

Decorate your virtual booth - add videos, cool images, livestreams, social media channels. Make it pop!

Speaker and Presentation Sessions

Keynote speeches broadcast to your full audience

Support millions of simultaneous viewers

Fully featured screen share and presentation tools

Jazz up your presentations - file sharing, captioning, and more

Speaker session recordings

All recordings are made available to attendees - and can be distributed by the presenters on social media.

Multi-speaker support

Up to 10 concurrent speakers per session

Live AV support for speakers

Our team is always available to ensure smooth presentations

Audience Q&A, polls, surveys, and feedback

Text chat based Q&A features, polls, surveys and end of session feedback/rating of session

Certificates of attendance/CMUs

Automated certificates issued for attendees based on conference needs

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

Show reports

Number of attendees, registrations, locations, contact details, social media shares, and more

Exhibitor reports

Booth interest, product interest, connections made, content downloads, newsletter signups, giveaways

Speaker reports

Viewer lists, downloadable content report, one-on-one conversations, feedback

Attendee reports

Connections made, booths visited, products liked, sessions attended

Full eCommerce - Sell Direct to Customers

Product listings/Marketplace

List products with marketing material and pricing. Upload or integrate with existing systems

Place Orders

Upload order forms directly to the site

Automate checkout

Exhibitors can use Showmetry's payment gateway or drive traffic directly to their own url

Attendee and Exhibitor Networking

Networking events

Topic based, moderated networking rooms with up to 75 attendees

One-to-one connections

Connect with fellow attendees, exhibitors, speakers, or organizers

Direct chat

Video (or text) chat with other attendees that you have connected with

Gamification, Collaboration and Attendee Engagement

Attendee points and prizes for activities

Set up points, levels and prizes for your attendees for visiting booths, viewing speaker sessions, and making connections


Create surveys to engage attendees and collect relevant data for the organizers and exhibitors


Serve creative quizzes to your attendees - ensure they stay interested and engaged

Technical Features

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