Saving The Planet Through Virtual Trade Shows

One of the many benefits of a virtual trade show is the ability to help keep our planet a little cleaner.

According to The Trade Show News Network, approximately 600,000 tons of trash are created each year by trade shows. If you add in air travel, carbon emissions, and other negative effects on the environment, it is clear that a virtual trade show is a great way to help save our environment.

As we know, airplanes produce emissions and emissions damage the environment. Then add-in the cars, Ubers and trains traveling to the show, and the environment is harmed even more. Allowing your attendees and exhibitors to connect online, will drastically cut down the emissions related to trade show travel.

Think about all of the garbage cans that are filled, the carpet that gets thrown out, the booths that are never reused, the paper literature handed out – these are just some of the waste generated from in-person shows.  At a virtual show, your literature is downloaded, your booths and carpet are not necessary, and all of those garbage cans are never filled.

How many items at a trade show should be recycled but actually end up in a trash can? Clearly, the planet is better off without having to deal with the recycling woes of trade shows.

Swag Bags
The enormous amount of waste that is created from swag bags can be mind-blowing. Many tend to recycle their bags and use them for shopping.  However, those that attend many shows per year often can’t keep up with all of their bags and end up throwing them out. Plus, many of the samples that are collected in the bags are not wanted by attendees and end up in the garbage.

Name Tags & Lanyards
One of the best parts of a virtual show is that the show organizer doesn’t need to print name badges. Between the paper, ink, ribbons, lanyards, and time spent on this task, it is a joy to run a virtual show and not think about name tags ever again! Plus, the environment will thank you when those millions of name badges don’t end up in the garbage.

Travel Time
Although not necessarily saving the environment, the time saved in travel is a huge benefit to online shows. This travel time could be used to spend more time with family, get some work done, or even do some eco-friendly volunteer work.

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