Exhibitor Navigation

Below is information on how to navigate the website once the event goes live. The GF Expo will go live on May 14th at 10 AM EST through May 15th at 6 PM EST

If you would like to attend the event as an attendee you will have to use a personal email address.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Questions or Concerns? Reach out to us directly.

Michelle Baran
Director of Operations

Tina Ferruolo
Director of Sales

Navigating During The Live Event

Below are tips on how to navigate the platform during the live portion of the event.
Here is the link to access the platform – https://nourishedfestival.spring.showmetry.com/

Below are some tips on how to navigate the platform during the live portion of the event.
Here is the link to access the platform – 

If you have any questions please email, call or text Michelle or Tina. The LIVE CHAT on the home page is for attendee support only. 

IMPORTANT - Please Read

A couple of things to help you have the most streamlined experience.

  • We recommend using Chrome as a browser to navigate the virtual platform.
  • Disable any ad blockers, spyware, malware and firewalls.

Top Navigation Bar

  • Visit Exhibitor Booths
  • Presentations & Booth Events
  • Show Specials includes giveaways, discounts, coupons & free samples.
  • Connect & Network – search for attendees and/or exhibitors
  • Profile & Show Info – view and edit your profile, access attendee gamification instructions and FAQ’s, view your watchlist & favorites as well as who you are connected with.


What Are You Looking For?

Here you can easily access the most popular items on the page.

  • Giveaways
  • Promotions: including discounts, coupons and free samples
  • Classes – both on our main stage and in the exhibitor booths
  • Gamification – attendees win points for taking quizzes, answering surveys and interacting with exhibitors and classes

Chat Feature

  • Attendees can chat directly with a brand or leave you a message. If you have a message, the chat icon will be red. Messages are assigned to one of the exhibitor staff at random.
  • Brands will have to connect with attendees or other brands to be able to chat directly.
  • Access to the chat is in 2 places: top right corner of the home page & in a virtual booth under Who’s In The Booth.
  • If you are not logged into your booth attendees will have the option to leave a message for you that you can respond to at a later time.
  • The message will go to all booth staff.

Schedule Feature

As an Exhibitor you also might be interested in attending classes. We now have a schedule feature to make it easier to keep track of classes you would like to attend as well as join the classes when they go live.

You can access your calendar a few different ways: click the calendar icon in the top right corner, click presentations & booth events on the navigation bar and then my classes & booth events or click the user profile icon on the top right corner and then my schedule.


Gamification includes quizzes, surveys and activities to keep the attendee engaged.

  • Attendees earn point when they take quizzes & surveys.
  • They also earn points when they do certain activities. For example: Visit an exhibitor booth for 2+ minutes, attend an in-booth class session or a presentation on the main stage and sign-in for the first time.
  • Exhibitors that happen to be gluten-free can only take part in the games by using a personal email and creating an attendee profile.
  • To make it fun there is a leaderboard so attendees can track their progress.


Now the fun part – we give away a LOT of prizes and LOVE when our Exhibitors want to join and donate prizes.
By donating prizes your brand will receive additional exposure on our Earn Points & Win Prizes Page!

Here are just a few donated prizes at our November 2021 Event.

THREE $100 gift cards to Eban’s Bakehouse!
Beam Minerals Advanced Support Set valued at $80
Flower of Life CBD’s NEW GF bundle valued at $130
A Six-Pack of Nudo Pizza Dough & a pizza screen from Etalia Foods valued at $110
Suprise box of goodies valued at $75 from Kalifornia Keto
A case of Lorriane’s GF Flour & Mixes – valued at $60
A $50 gift card to Supernola & a fun crewneck sweatshirt!
A Namaste gift tote filled with goodies
Twelve (12) FREE coupons to redeem in store for Cocina 54 empanadas
Six (6) pack variety bundle of Cloudies

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