Per Event Day Fee


Base Fee charged for each day that your event runs.

Speaker Session Fee


Fee charged for each video speaker and networking session – includes keynotes, training sessions and more.

Exhibitor/ Booth Fee


Fee charged for each exhibitor setting up a virtual booth in the show.

Attendee/ Visitor Fee


Fee charged per attendee visiting your show. Yes you read that right – bring in as many people as you can – we charge nothing!

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Virtual shows give you the opportunity to go beyond traditional and local markets, and reach out to the world. 

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More Revenue Opportunities

Sell Booths

Just like in a physical tradeshow, the primary source of revenue is selling exhibitor booths. With no limitations on physical space, you can sell as many as you possibly can.

Monetize Booth Levels

Showmetry is designed to allow for exhibitor and booth levels – giving preferential placement and extra features for higher level exhibitors. A service that you can charge for. 

Sell Sponsorships

Title Sponsorships, Category Sponsorships, Training Session Sponsorships, and more – organizers can sell prime positioning in the show and multiple sections of the show.

Sell Ad Space

The platform allows you to sell ad space on different pages and different sections of the show. Ads can be added in at any time and made to switch dynamically based on the audience.

Sell Attendee Tickets

Organizers can charge attendees for watching the speaker sessions, networking, and more. Our integrated ticketing platform gives you full flexibility for feature based ticketing.

Transaction Pricing

Show organizers can generate revenue through creative models – like charging a percentage of the transactions completed by attendees in each booth. Our platform can support any such model 

Other Charges, Discounts

Yes. We try to keep pricing transparent, but each tradeshow is different. This can result in one-off charges (which we will always inform you about before we sign a contract). 

If you need features that have not been built in Showmetry, we can build them out for you for a reasonable fee. 

Do you need us to work with your exhibitors to build their booths for them? Our support team can do the graphic design, asset creation, and product loading work for them. 

Showmetry events are meant to be temporal – but if you want your event to live on for an extended period of time, we will charge a small monthly hosting fee. 

We offer significant discounts for clients signing up for multiple shows – let us know if you are interested in a multi-show, multi-year contract, and we will customize the package for you. 

We offer great incentives for early payments – ask us for the options. 

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