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Discussing the virtual, hybrid, and in-person events industries.

Showmetry is a virtual events platform that was created as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this podcast, listeners can expect insight into the events and tradeshow industries (virtual, hybrid, and in-person), interviews with professionals in the field, event best practices, as well as behind the scenes looks into the Showmetry platform. Special guests include the Showmetry founders, event vendors, show attendees, event hosts, and more.


Episode 2: Breaking Barriers with Virtual Events Technology

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Showmetry, Debarshi Chaudhury hops on this episode to discuss his approach to building the events platform and how technology is changing the industry. Topics covered include his first foray into the events industry, future tech features for online events, the importance of scalability in a virtual platform, and more. 

Episode 1: Risking it All: How Showmetry’s CEO Pivoted in a Pandemic

If I didn’t take that risk, everything I had would be gone,” said Jen Cafferty, the CEO, and Founder of Showmetry. In this episode, Jen joins us to discuss how she quickly created the Showmetry platform after the COVID-19 pandemic halted her in-person events business in March of 2020. Just six months later, Jen held her first event on Showmetry with great success. We also discuss the future of virtual and in-person events and the one thing that every female entrepreneur should know on their journey to success.