Mindful Eating for Good Digestion

Did you know that how, as well as what, you eat impacts your digestive health? Key Questions Answered:

1. Which common eating habits are hurting your digestion?

2. What are your body’s three main signals to help you optimize digestion?

3. How can you easily create a gut-friendly meal time?

Bonus Case Study: How Mindful Eating helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Sherri Traxler

Sheri Traxler is an author, speaker, and coach. She mentors private clients and teaches workshops to help professionals create a lifestyle of authentic energy. Her Nourish Your Life program is available at Her book Go Forward: 28 Days to Eat, Move, and Enjoy Life God’s Way is available on Sheri holds her Master’s in Health Promotion, is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Intuitive Eating Counselor. She is a national speaker for the Medical Fitness Association, has led fitness episodes for Viacom Cable, taught Corporate Wellness at Belmont University, and directed programs for 12 years at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Sheri is one of those “fortunate folks” who knew from childhood what she wanted to do: help people live well. For over 30 years she’s been transforming lives.


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