How to Get The Most Out of Your Virtual Booth

Virtual tradeshows, conferences, and events are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to market their products and services to potential customers. Securing a booth at virtual events is an effective method for companies to engage with their target audience, market their products or services, and acquire new customers. This remains true for virtual events and tradeshows.   

Exhibitors at virtual events need to optimize their virtual booths to attract event attendees, grow sales, and build professional relationships. Therefore, exhibitors on the Showmetry platform can customize their booths using the innovative features to capture the interest and attention of attendees. 


Your Booth is Your Brand 

Just like with physical events, the first thing attendees notice about booths is the visuals. Take the time to create a memorable first impression for visitors who may land on your virtual booth page. With numerous exhibitors at each virtual event, leveraging high-quality images or graphics that reflect your brand is an effective way to grab attendees’ attention. 

Furthermore, branding is crucial. Attendees may visit multiple virtual booths per day, and it may be challenging for them to recall everything they experienced at the event. Consider user experience when you build out your booth page and as you plan your activities during the show. You want to create a good user experience and opportunities for engagement beyond the booth visit. Implementing strong branding through visuals, downloadable resources, written profiles, booth events and more is an excellent way to increase the chances that attendees that visit a booth remember your brand by name. 

Also, be sure to fill out all parts in the booth profile with helpful and informative information. This includes filling out the about section, linking to the exhibitor’s social accounts and website, customizing the hero image, and including pictures and videos of products if selling them at the event.  


Provide Value and Drive Engagement 

The value of any virtual event, tradeshow, or conference is live, real-time engagement. Setting up booths in advance is great, but it does not mean exhibitors should ‘set it and forget it.’ This is actually the worst thing you could do. Instead, staff needs to be present during the event hours of the show to monitor activity and metrics, optimize booth content, and be available for live chat sessions. Attendees may have questions, request specific information, or desire additional marketing collateral. Therefore, it is in an exhibitor’s best interest to be available and present at their booth during show hours. Keep in mind too that networking is a primary goal of these events, so if you’re not present, you’re missing out on opportunities for business.     

Another way to provide value is to host booth events where an exhibitor presents pre-scheduled training sessions, product demos, roundtable chats, Q&As, and more. Promote these events on the booth’s page and on your company’s marketing channels to drum up attendance. Additionally, exhibitors can try securing a speaker session on the event program to help grow awareness for their brand. Obtaining a speaker session will broaden an exhibitor’s exposure across the show and drive traffic to their booth. Exhibitors can also leverage the opportunity to open up private consultations with the audience (they can schedule one with the speaker). 

Do not forget to include downloadable content and resources either. Not only does it help attendees remember brands after the event ends, but it’s also a great way to get sales and marketing materials in their hands. Downloadable content could be a one-pager, brochure, product catalog, plan comparison, white paper, and more. 

Lastly, running promotions is an excellent opportunity to increase engagement as well as collect contact information. The promotions can be in the form of discounts and coupons, giveaways and raffles, samples, and more. Attendees like exclusive offers and swag—even at virtual events! Giveaways, raffles, and samples, will require attendees to submit their contact information to participate. 



Tradeshows are great networking opportunities. Whether it’s a professional event where attendees are in similar fields of work or a consumer event flooded with potential customers, networking is a significant component of tradeshows and conferences. 

Showmetry offers a multitude of ways to help vendors build contacts during an event. These include 

  • Chatting with attendees who ‘enter’ your booth 
  • Requesting private chats with attendees for more in-depth conversations 
  • Registering to hold a speaker session at the event 
  • Providing a link to your company’s newsletter signup page 
  • Offering samples/giveaway if attendees signup with their email 
  • Linking social channels   

So, whether this is your first time representing a brand at a tradeshow, or simply your first time setting up a booth at a virtual event, we are here to help. Implement these tips to get the most out of your virtual booth, while enjoying the digital experience and the expanded opportunity to reach and connect with your target audience. 

For more information on setting up your booth, exhibitor capabilities, or holding an event on the Showmetry platform, contact us today!

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