Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking at Home

All things sourdough: making a starter from scratch, how to store your starter, and most importantly, how to bake delicious gluten-free sourdough bread!


Hi! I’m Emily, also known as @glutenfreesdeats, a celiac living in San Diego. I love to eat out just as much as cooking/baking at home. As a celiac, you need to always be careful about what you eat which is why I started my Instagram in the fall of 2018. I wanted to make sure fellow gluten-free eaters living in or visiting San Diego could have an easy way to find safe options in town! Since the pandemic started, I have gotten very into sourdough baking! I taught myself how to do everything by using the internet, Facebook, and speaking to friends (both GF and not). I’m here to help you get started with the process and learn a little bit more about what goes into Sourdough baking. Check out my highlights on my Instagram page for some step-by-step photos and videos!


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