Gluten-Free But Still Not Feeling Great?

What can you do when you’ve gone gluten free, and you’re feeling better but still not great? Dr. Schmidt explores five common reasons a gluten-free lifestyle may not be enough for your body to heal, and offers strategies you can implement to start feeling better now.


Download the notes from my presentation at ✽ A naturopathic doctor living with celiac disease, Dr. Schmidt specializes in helping people with celiac and other autoimmune disorders. ✽ Her approach combines functional testing and a whole-life approach to heal the gut, balance body systems, and help her patients regain optimal health. ✽ Following her graduation from Dartmouth College, Dr. Schmidt moved to San Francisco where she worked in pharmaceutical clinical trials. She left SF for Portland to attend the National University of Natural Medicine, North America’s oldest naturopathic medical school. ✽ Dr. Schmidt lives in Portland, Oregon, in a gluten-free craftsman house with her husband, daughter, and an ever-increasing number of houseplants. ✽ She loves cooking, eating, and enjoying the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She shares recipes, musings, and more on Instagram @theceliacdoctor.


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