Future Trends In Logistics: Partnering For Success

The complex system of supply chain management is in the midst of a transformational digital ecosystem change. Advances in technology, shifts in consumer behavior and the “Amazon effect” have all drastically altered the logistics of supply; changing the way we buy, sell, and transport products. The green industry faces unique challenges when it comes to shipping and logistics and understanding the factors that will impact supply now is essential to keeping up with the demands of the future. In this presentation, Dave Malenfant will discuss the trends that he’s observed over his 30-year career, predict the future of supply chain management, and provide insight as to how you can prepare your business for the challenges ahead.


Dave Malenfant

Dave Malenfant has more than 35 years’ experience in driving change and performance improvement across the supply chain. He now builds partnerships with the Center and TCU Supply Chain through outreach with the business, academic, and association communities. He also serves as executive vice president, industry liaison and talent development, for the Biotech Supply Management Alliance. He holds a bachelor of arts in economics and political science from the University of Windsor in Canada.

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