Four Benefits To Launching a Virtual Trade Show

It is normal to think that the things we know about running trade shows will easily transfer to an online platform. However, virtual trade shows have some unique differences from live shows and we would like to share some of those differences with you here.

The Length of Your Show
For in-person events, your live trade shows may have run for many days. In the virtual world, though, this time may be shortened with fewer days.” Because attendees are not traveling to the event and don’t need to walk around a convention center to see all the booths, the time the show runs will most likely be decreased.

Presentations and Classes
Many live trade show presentation schedules are limited by the number of attendees per session as well as the number of presentations that can be offered. Venue size constraints and budgets often stifle the number and size of presentations. Online, there is no limit to what you can offer, both in the quantity of sessions and the number of attendees. Room size and available rooms are of no consequence when your show is online.

Online shows allow you to have access to view analytics at your fingertips. Think through what analytics you want and need, and your online show platform should be able to easily provide them to you.

The world is changing rapidly and sometimes events need to change dates or add more speaker sessions. They also should offer an impromptu networking session or add more exhibitor booths at the last minute. An online show allows you the ease of changing your event without having to stress over venue constraints.

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