Expanded Sponsorship Opportunities at Virtual Trade Shows

Every trade show organizer knows that Sponsorship Opportunities are essential to both the show organizer and the sponsoring brands. However, many trade show organizers don’t know where to begin when thinking about online sponsorship opportunities and how to present these to potential sponsors.

Location, location, location
One of the easiest ways to help your sponsors is to give them prime visibility on your virtual show. By always placing them first in prominent positions and by placing them in multiple locations on the site, their booths will gain the most visibility and generally the most traffic.

Banners and Ads
Just as on a traditional trade show floor, there are many locations within all virtual trade show platforms to host Sponsor Recognition materials.  Hyperlinked logos, designed advertisements, and banners on the site, should be available to you from your show platform provider.

Allow your sponsors to be involved in virtual gamification. If your platform allows, your sponsors can sponsor gamification and also possibly receive information from your attendees.

Polls and Surveys
What sponsor doesn’t want to collect information? Polls and surveys are a fabulous way to promote a sponsor and also help them capture information from attendees.

Special Features
Higher-level sponsors can be offered access to special features on your virtual show. Some examples of very effective usage of these features include expanded booth options (such as more product availability), in-booth educational events, more in-booth exhibitors, etc…) 

All virtual platforms should offer sponsorship recognition attached to your classes and presentations. Branded presentations, logos on the class schedules, and access to class attendees are ways that sponsors can get more exposure on their site.

Category Recognition
There are so many possibilities virtually to feature various sponsors.  Presenting sponsors, category sponsors, class sponsors, networking sponsors, the list is endless. Get creative and offer your sponsors as much recognition as possible.

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