Easy Keto

You’ve heard of keto… perhaps you’ve dabbled in it. At some point, you may have had a question or two. This presentation will address common challenges that people run across when embracing nutritional ketosis for better health. From carb confusion to stalled weight loss to ordering keto in a restaurant and converting your favorite recipes, this talk has the answers to help you make keto an easy-peasy part of your lifestyle.


I found the keto diet as an endurance runner. Who would have thought years later I’d use it to manage my monogenic diabetes? (What is monogenic diabetes, you ask? That’s a whole ‘nother story! Suffice to say, it is not Type 1 or Type 2.) As a former radio producer and on-air talent, and now podcast producer and host, I’m on a mission to make keto easy and accessible with information supported by science. I believe that a well-formulated ketogenic diet can be a lifestyle that supports all kinds of positive health benefits and therapies, but the only way you can decide for yourself is if you have real information, not just a bunch of opinions that may not be rooted in actual science.


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