Exhibitor Information

Thank you for joining Jacki's "Big Book of Candle Magic" Launch Party!

It is VERY important to read through this page and follow all instructions to make sure you have a successful Show.

A couple of things to help you have the most streamlined experience.

  • We recommend using Chrome to navigate the virtual platform.
  • Disable any ad blockers, spyware, malware and firewalls.
  • Please do not use Safari or Internet Explorer as some functions may not be available to you.

Questions or Concerns? Reach out to me directly.

Michelle Baran
Director of Operations

Logging Into The Website

You will receive an email from no-reply@showmetry.live
Make sure to look in your spam folder for this email.

IMPORTANT: You will receive this email ONLY after you have completed the exhibitor booth in-take form.

• Click the link in the email you receive and enter your email and temporary password.

• You will be prompted to change your password.

• Once you have done this you can delete the email.

• The next time you log in you will go to https://coventrycreations.showmetry.com/login
Example Email

User Profile

Once you are logged in you have to ability to update your user profile. You can upload an image or logo, add in your social media links and change your password.

You can also add in-booth events, booth videos, update your status and access your analytics.

Video – How to access your user profile

Exhibitor Details

  • Admins ONLY have access to your exhibitor details located in your user profile.
  • There can be multiple admins for one company.
  • Below are the following things you can access in your exhibitor details. This includes: Reporting & Analytics, In-Booth Events, In-Booth Videos and Status Updates.

Booth Real-Time Analytics

Your brand has access to all analytics in real-time. You must be an administrator to access these reports. Admins can view these reports from their user profile and can easily download all of the data.

You can only access this if you are an admin. There can be multiple admins at one company.

Video – How to access your analytics

Type Of Reports:
  • Exhibitor General Analytics
  • Giveaway Report
  • Product Report
  • Coupon and Offer Download Report
  • In-Booth Event Report’
  • In-Booth Attendee Report
  • Discounts Per Coupon Offer
  • Analytics
  • Newsletter Entries/Customer Leads
  • PDF Download Report
  • Quotes/Request More Information

In-Booth After Party Events 

You can add your in-booth After Party Events that are hosted directly in your booth space. This is a great way for you to connect with your target audience. Class sessions are easy to set-up and work similar to a Zoom session. Up to 200 people can attend your session.

Video – In-Booth Sessions

In-Booth Videos

Your have the ability to add videos in your virtual booth for attendees to watch whenever they want. You must have a YouTube or Vimeo embed link.

Video – How to add a video to your booth page

Status Updates

Status updates are a great way to let the attendees know what is going on with your booth during the live portion of the event.

The status is located on your virtual booth page under your logo and company name. You can update this as often as you would like on the show days.

Navigating During The Live Event

Below are tips on how to navigate the event during the live portion of the event.
Here is the link to access the platform – https://coventrycreations.showmetry.com/home

If you have any questions please email, call or text Michelle. The LIVE CHAT on the home page is for attendee support only. 

Top Navigation Bar

  • Visit Exhibitor Booths
  • Presentations & Booth Events
  • Show Specials includes giveaways, discounts and coupons.
  • Connect & Network – search for attendees and/or exhibitors
  • Profile & Show Info – view and edit your profile, access attendee gamification instructions and FAQ’s, view your watchlist & favorites as well as who you are connected with.


What Are You Looking For?

Here you can easily access the most popular items on the page.

  • Giveaways
  • Promotions: including discounts and coupons
  • Classes – both on our main stage and in the exhibitor booths
  • Gamification – attendees win points for taking quizzes, answering surveys and interacting with exhibitors and classes

Chat Feature

  • Attendees can chat directly with an exhibitor or leave you a message. If you have a message, the chat icon will be red. 
  • Exhibitors will have to connect with attendees or other brands to be able to chat directly.
  • Access to the chat is in 2 places: top right corner of the home page & in a virtual booth under Who’s In The Booth.
  • If you are not logged into your booth attendees will have the option to leave a message for you that you can respond to at a later time.
  • The message will go to all booth staff.

Schedule Feature

We now have a schedule feature to make it easier to keep track of classes you would like to attend as well as join the classes when they go live.

You can access your calendar a few different ways: click the calendar icon in the top right corner, click presentations & booth events on the navigation bar and then my classes & booth events or click the user profile icon on the top right corner and then my schedule.


Gamification includes quizzes, surveys and activities to keep the attendee engaged.

  • Attendees earn point when they take quizzes & surveys. (Exhibitors are not eligible.)
  • They also earn points when they do certain activities. For example: Visit an exhibitor booth, attend an in-booth class session or a presentation on the main stage and take quizzes. 
  • To make it fun there is a leaderboard so attendees can track their progress.

By donating prizes your company will receive additional exposure on the Earn Points & Win Prizes Page.
Let Jacki know if you want to donate.

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