Cinnamon Buns and Fried Donuts with Lorraine’s Gluten-Free Sweet Dough Mix

Make Cinnamon Buns and Fried Donuts with one batch of dough using Lorraine’s Gluten-Free Sweet Dough Mix!

I will demonstrate how easy it is to make gluten-free yeast dough, bake up some Cinnamon Buns with Whipped Cream Cheese Icing and fry up some light and airy donuts!


Lorraine was born in the Philippines and raised in Atlanta, GA. As an adult, she has lived in Singapore and traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia. Her passion for the rich variety of Asian cuisines was cultivated at the markets, street stalls, and restaurants of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Now living in Maine, she has attracted a following of adventurous foodies who are interested in making the most of Maine’s celebrated ingredients all with an Asian flair. As a culinary teacher and ever since she developed an allergy to gluten, she has also developed gluten-free pastries, both savory and sweet. As a former Cafe Co-Owner, she is proud of the fact that her tasters often proclaim that her gluten-free food offerings are loaded with delicious flavor, texture, and taste. Lorraine launched her gluten-free products, “Lorraine’s Gluten-Free”. Her hope is for everyone that tries her products will bring back sweet memories in the kitchen!


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